by Coxey Brown

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If you want to feel a little bit lonelier than the loneliest you've ever felt, try hitchhiking.
If you want to feel more alive, empowered, free, and exhilirated than you've ever felt, try hitchhiking.

(Coxey Brown is not affiliated with John Wayne the actor, or Motley Crue the band, and in no way endorses their works or opinions in any way)


There were three of us leaving Eugene
Me, my Babygurl, and John Wayne
Talking to inanimate objects was the only thing that kept me sane

Out here in the mountains...
The sun sets on the longest day
In Fruita...
Looking up at the milky way

She was a grey Kelty external-frame backpack
He was a one-inch diameter pin on her back
And if it hadn't been for Mr. Wayne I would've cried all night
Cuz there was something in that Colorado twilight that made me miss you

But you wouldn't pick up your phone
I still miss you
But at least I don't have to spend another night alone.
With friends like these we make up a motley crew
None of them ever talk back
But at least I've got them to talk to

Out here...
No one seems to go my way...
Waiting, just waiting...
In Fruita

My Babygurl had LITERALLY everything I needed inside
The way I reacted when I lost her in Portland, you would've thought my mother had died.
I have a new mother now, who will never leave my side
She adopted me in the midwest on that 700 mile truck ride
And even if I shed this band of misfits for want of a lighter load
I still have one mentor one teacher one friend,
One love everywhere I go

Her name is the road.


released January 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Coxey Brown Frederick, Maryland

A response to the hip nonchalance and ennui of American lamestream youth, Coxey Brown might be compared to a beagle dog pup and his/her reaction upon becoming literate, and choosing to read the complete works of Sartre. CB is a product of love and came together in fall 2010 with the intention to benefit all sentient beings. As Matthew Henry once said: "Lightning strikes only but once". ... more

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