by Coxey Brown

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I'm getting better at following my bliss.
That little fucker took off running -- now I can't afford to miss out on an instant,
Cuz if I so much as blink,
He'll jump into a hiding spot, and I'll begin to think that he has vanished,
And I'll get all depressed.
I'm a seeker, and so long as I'm seeking, I don't ever wanna rest.

He went down the highway 90 miles an hour,
I had to go 100 just to catch up.
He led me down the railroad tracks,
Then ran me off them so abruptly --
He cannot be tamed.
There are no rules, cuz he made up the game.
There's no out of bounds, we heed no wall or fence.

So when he jumped in that river, we both jumped in too.
I guess a piece of my bliss must have splashed onto you
Cuz I've been following you ever since.

I'm getting better at playing on a team.
We're training harder every day so I can finally redeem that losing streak I had at one-on-one.
Yeah, you can follow your bliss all by yourself, it just isn't any fun.

We'll storm the field -- the whole world will be watching
Our bliss will be gnawing at the bit
We'll scream like banshees as they start the race
He's a fit opponent, but we'll get him before time runs out, and never let down 'til the end of the bout
We'll find him where he least expects to be found.

And after combing every hill, and rock, and sand dune,
On a phosphorescent beach under the full moon,
We'll challenge him to another round, and he'll pass on again, without a sound.

And just like all the best games,
It doesn't matter if we win.
Cuz we'll just keep playing over and over again


released November 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Coxey Brown Frederick, Maryland

A response to the hip nonchalance and ennui of American lamestream youth, Coxey Brown might be compared to a beagle dog pup and his/her reaction upon becoming literate, and choosing to read the complete works of Sartre. CB is a product of love and came together in fall 2010 with the intention to benefit all sentient beings. As Matthew Henry once said: "Lightning strikes only but once". ... more

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