by Coxey Brown

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It might seem lame to have the message of a song be so blatant, especially about a topic that is so uncool. But I have never been, am not, and never will be, cool.


Why is it sexier to keep a secret? And hide our meaning rather than speak it?
And why do we watch those movies with the mood lighting in the erotic scenes where the lovers appear shrouded in shadow?
I'm not witty enough to pick up on their innuendo.
I tend to need a bigger hint.
Stop masking your true intent.
What could be more attractive than honesty?

Since when did it become fun to do those things that are bad for you?
Since when did we prefer our mean humor (sarcasm) to the pure joy of knowing what's true?

"Come over and we'll get you drunk and we'll toke you up"
And this is generosity (?)
I'm sure if you asked your mind and body they'd openly disagree.
Confusing the bad with the good.
I have never understood-
Why can't you just be kind to your body and your mind?
What could be more beautiful than that?

There's two reasons your heart would be beating this fast:
The first (1) comes from unlocking a passion so vast you know it could carry you through the rest of your life 'til you're old.
The second (2) is your conscience trying to keep you from making a blunder so those surface-level pleasures don't soon pull you under
But the latter (2) looks like the former (1) through the lens of what you've been told.

This doesn't have to be
Take some advice from me
Only do what you want the whole world to see.


released May 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Coxey Brown Frederick, Maryland

A response to the hip nonchalance and ennui of American lamestream youth, Coxey Brown might be compared to a beagle dog pup and his/her reaction upon becoming literate, and choosing to read the complete works of Sartre. CB is a product of love and came together in fall 2010 with the intention to benefit all sentient beings. As Matthew Henry once said: "Lightning strikes only but once". ... more

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